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Human Interaction

Optimising human performance is essential for the resilience and security of all organisations. CBRNE can provide analysis and solutions from industrial psychology to identify behavioural patterns that might lead to error or damage.

Human Behaviour

Factors that impact on human behaviour can be categorised as the interaction and the limitations of people in the working environment.

We can provide Human Factors assessment services and training for all levels of personnel within the organisation. Our Experts are highly qualified experts in the field with a commitment to quality. They come with a proven track record of providing services to industrial sectors including defence, manufacturing, rail and the emergency services regulators, independent parties and procuring clients.

Areas in which our approach can be most effective are:

  • Human Factors
  • Technical Illustration
  • Visual Symbolism
  • Forensic Emotion Awareness

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    CBRNE Ltd can provide a systematic audit of the strengths and weaknesses in an organisation’s resilience arrangements. We place values against each process within the multitude of functions that can be found in any organisation, including physical security, partnerships, human performance and inter-departmental cohesion.

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