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Ergonomics, Human Factors and Human Behavior

Human factors can be defined as "the application of scientific information concerning humans to the design of objects, systems and environment for human use."

Human Factors encapsulates the fields of human behaviour, psychology, industrial design, engineering, anthropometry and systems integration. Human Factors aims to amalgamate all such fields in order to produce a comprehensive framework on which to base a corporate perspective.

Human Factors focuses on the role of the individual within their specific environment. It aims to optimise and facilitate their ability to fulfil their job role, through producing an environment that is conducive to success. Human Factors is the aim of improving operational performance, safety, through life costs and/or adoption through improvement in the experience of the end user. If the individual is able to perform to the best of their ability i.e. reducing the amount of errors they perform, reducing the time it takes to satisfy their job role or increasing company morale through a supportive environment, it is clear to see the positive effects at company level. Including human factors in the design process reduces the likelihood of operator error or injury, and thereby increases overall productivity and safety of the company as a whole.

Applying HF techniques allows designers or decision makers to account for the impact on the individuals affected and in doing so at an early stage allows for the consequences of their decisions to be predicted. Creating a system that supports both the desires of the company and the workers can be achieved by adopting a HF framework.

Through application of an understanding of human factors the design of equipment, systems and working methods will be improved, directly affecting people’s lives for the better.

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