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Risk Management

We utilise traditional safety case management strategies and supplement these with an in-house holistic resilience approach, which we call a Resilience Matrix™

Risk Management

Our Experts have extensive knowledge of regulated industries, where we have worked with clients to help them develop their approaches to the management of business, technical and health and safety risks.

We have experience both as producers and managers of safety cases and of the independent assessment of them on behalf of regulators, independent parties and procuring clients.

Areas in which our approach can be most effective are:

  • Environmental Management
  • Technical Risk Management
  • Risk Assessment (Probabilistic and Deterministic)
  • Safety Case Construction
  • Business Risk Management
  • Business Continuity
  • Business Resilience

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    We have specialists in engineering, security, human factors, radiation safety, probabilistic risk, environmental impact assessment and the management of hazardous materials. We also advise on the implementation of management systems and approaches to quality and continuity management, as these are the starting point for successful management of risk.

    Our expertise extends to those unfortunate circumstances where an incident has occurred. In these cases we can provide guidance and assistance with root cause analysis, post incident remediation and decontamination, crisis communication, Gold/Silver command and most importantly of all communication.

    Our Experts have provided support to many of the UK nuclear power sites and to the UK defence industry. They are recognised as specialists in their fields who can be called upon to provide quality, independent and appropriate safety advice that acknowledges the practicalities of running a business and the need to balance costs and benefits.

    We have contributed tools to several EU-funded research and development projects where issues associated with the risks arising from the management of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive (CBRNE) incidents have been at the fore. We have also advised on the modelling of metrics for the assessment of novel security interdiction techniques. Our research also produced a novel Boolean threat assessment (BETA) technique.

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    CBRNE Ltd can provide a systematic audit of the strengths and weaknesses in an organisation’s resilience arrangements. We place values against each process within the multitude of functions that can be found in any organisation, including physical security, partnerships, human performance and inter-departmental cohesion.

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