CBRNE Key Personnel

Domininc Kelly

Dominic Kelly

Policy and Guidance

Dominic Kelly served in the British Army. Experience in CBRNE has evolved since working at British Nuclear Group. DK attended the Cranfield University Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, Dept. of Materials & Applied Science CBRN Defence Science Course. DK was Vice Chairman of the Integrated Mission Group Security Technical Area 6 [CBRNE] where he is proactive in broadening the opportunity for research and development within Framework Programme 7 and the Directorate General “Justice Freedom and Security”. DK is interested in state of the art CBRE technology chemical and biological sensing and PPE products. Security Cleared.


Mark Landale

Legal and Regulatory

Mark is a business oriented commercial lawyer with over 30 years’ experience. He qualified in 1977 and works independently on numerous commercial and research commissions and as Director of Legal Affairs for CBRNE Limited Mark has most recently, led the company’s initiative to work with the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) for a security related issue as well as contractual issues relating to bio research.


Lucinda Brousse

Human Resources

CBRNE Ltd is affiliated with Bowman Hunt Ltd where Lucinda is the driving force for the search and selection of operators within the sectors of Security and Defence, Aerospace and Information Communication Technology (ICT) industries. Her proven skills in recruitment combined with her networking skills and personal attention to detail meet the specified requirements of Small Unmanned Aviation Systems (SUASs). These skills are an important asset to CBRNE Ltd.

Jamie Braybrook

Jamie Braybrook

CBRN and Training

Jamie has had a constant and direct link to CBRN for over 15yrs offering guidance and advice on current CBRN training, trials, doctrine, hazard management and prediction, detection equipment, decontamination and physical protection. As a Subject Matter Expert Jamie has wide-ranging skills as a project manager has led many CBRN training exercises and has experience in live chemical agent and radiation environments. He has supported a large UK Mod CBRN contract to the Joint CBRN Regiment Light Role Teams. As Project Lead he has designed and delivered CBRN Defence Advisor/Officer training to Foreign Military. He has acted as CBRN Advisor to MoD on Needs Analysis and planning for the extraction of VIPs from areas of contamination within central London. He has served as Lead instructor for UK Nuclear Accident Response at 2 UK sites with high level clearance for the security and movement of nuclear containers. Management and close liaison with supporting outside agencies delivering off site SME support for Nuclear Accident Training, Evaluation and Exercises.


Steve Swain

Security and Counter Terrorism

Steve retired as a Chief Superintendent in the Metropolitan Police Service in 2006 and since then he has worked at Control Risks and as CEO of Security Innovation and Technology Consortium (SITC). His last post was the Head of the Police International Counter Terrorist Unit (PICTU), a national police and MI5 unit, with responsibility for designing counter terrorist policing options for the UK. He worked with MI5, Special Branch and the Anti-Terrorist Branch to produce assessments of the national intelligence picture.
Steve is a leading authority on suicide terrorism and the architect of the UK tactics to counter the threat from international and domestic terror groups. He was part of the U.K. team working with the Greek Authorities on the security of the Athens Olympics. He spent time in Beijing performing a similar function for the 2008 Olympics He worked with the BAA to review and develop new CT responses for the airport. He also worked with Transec on detection technologies for mass transport systems.


Dr Richard Warnes

Human Factors relating to Terrorism and Counter Terrorism

Richard previously served in both the British Army and the Metropolitan Police Special Branch, including overseas service, as a Police intelligence officer for drugs and firearms and in a number of pro-active counter-terrorist investigations. Currently he works part time as an Analyst on the Defence and Security team at RAND Europe and has researched, written and lectured extensively on various aspects of terrorism, insurgency, policing, intelligence and the military, including work on a number of EU FP7 Projects. In addition, over the last six years he has conducted extensive field research in Iraq and Afghanistan for a Government client project, reviewing capacity building amongst local police and security forces. He is an expert on the Human Factors behind effective Counter-Terrorism, and holds a Masters in Criminal Justice Studies and a first degree in International Politics. He is a member of both the European Experts Network on Terrorism (EENeT) and the International Counter Terrorism Academic Community (ICTAC).


Martin Underwood

Explosives and Ordnance

Martin brings extensive experience in ammunition safety and management, explosive ordnance disposal and countering Improvised Explosive Devices, both as a serving military officer and as a specialist consultant. Martin has personal experience as an EOD operator and has managed Counter-IED operations in a multi-national context. Martin spent two years with NATO as a Technical Advisor on countering IEDs, fulfilling the role of Secretary of the NATO Counter-IED Task Force. His background as an explosives specialist provides the bedrock of his expertise, but he is a keen advocate of a comprehensive approach to the resolving the problems of explosive remnants of war, demining and the IED threat. He has worked to integrate related capabilities and to maximise the benefits of technical exploitation of explosives incidents for law enforcement and military operations.


James Price

Specialist Medical

James is a State Registered Paramedic and has worked in Special Operations within the UK Ambulance Service for 12 years. JP specialises in the delivery of clinical care in high risk environments with a CBRN or ballistic component. He is a currently qualified and practising CBRN Silver (Tactical) Commander, Gold (Strategic) Commander and National Inter Agency Liaison Officer within a leading NHS Ambulance Trust. He has extensive multi agency knowledge and experience and a solid track record in the creation, recruitment, training and deployment of specialist teams and has been heavily involved in the roll out of specialist UK Ambulance capabilities. James manages tier 1 and tier 2 assets within the NHS and has significant budgetary and procurement knowledge and responsibility within the health care arena coupled with a comprehensive knowledge of HSE regulation and legislation for high risk working. He is an Alumnus of Coventry University for Emergency Planning and St Andrews University for Terrorism Studies.


Irina Stănciugelu

Communications and Ethics

Irina has a PhD in Ethics (2008) and is Associate Professor at the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration in Bucharest and a Visiting Academic to Middlesex University in London. Irina is an established expert in applied ethics and crisis communication and has supported CBRNE Ltd in EU Framework Programme 7 topics covering cyber security, CBRNE crisis management, non-lethal weapons, humanitarian demining and safety and defence of the food supply chain. Irina is a Civil Expert on Risk and Crisis Communication working with the Civil Protection Group (CPG) NATO and a member of the Directing Staff for Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response and Coordination Centre (EADRCC)/NATO international exercises, coordinating public information and media play. Within CPG NATO, she is also a member of the Ad-Hoc Working Group on Missile Defence, and chairs the Ad-Hoc Working Group on Public Information Policy. She is an experienced trainer in crisis communication, public relations and corporate ethics at an international level.


John Astbury (CBE)

Major Incident Planning and Emergency Management

John is highly experienced at dealing with emergency response and has over 35 years in this field being an expert in post recovery operations including time as Chief Executive Officer of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA). He is a UK Office of Government Commerce (OGC) High Risk Review Team Leader responsible for reviewing major MOD programmes and projects. John has experience with the UK Government Decontamination Service (GDS) on its framework agreements with industry for CBRN post event recovery. As part of CBRNE Ltd’s commitment to R&D with the EU FP7 Project PRACTICE, John is working to provide a tool for procuring the necessary equipment and provision of training in relation to preparing for a chemical or biological incident.


Nigel Hale

Technical and Risk Assessment

Nigel is a Professional Member of the Institute of Operational Risk and holds a BSc in Mathematical Physics. He is a specialist in risk assessment who has worked across a wide range of industry ranging from nuclear power to transportation and hazardous waste management. He is the creator of the Resilience Matrix approach as applied to business resilience and also the creator of a novel approach to security assessment based upon Boolean logic. Nigel has produced several assessments of the potential impacts and risks arising from attacks using CBRNE weapons in public places and has led teams involved in the decontamination of an illegal drug laboratory and a redundant private radio-chemistry laboratory. Nigel was the technical lead for CBRNE Ltd in project IMCOSEC for the EU. Nigel has played an active part in FP7 Projects PRACTICE, EDEN and SUBCOP.


David Usher

Human Factors and Human Behaviour

Dave is a Fellow of the Institute of Human Factors and Ergonomics and holds a BSc and DPhil in Physics. He had many years experience in the field of human-machine interaction. He has carried out a large variety of ergonomics work, including (i) Designing the workspace for a mine detection vehicle; (ii) Acting as expert witness in ergonomics to many legal cases; (iii) Delivery of Human Factors Integration Plans for the Ministry of Defence and (iv) Developing safety cases for weapon systems and other military equipment. Being a chartered physicist as well as a registered ergonomist, Dave has an analytical approach to solving ergonomics problems. He is particularly interested in developing tools and methodologies for task analysis and human reliability assessment.


Andrew Churchill

Cyber Security

Andrew works with Government, Industry and Academia on a range of technology and strategy issues. He led HMG’s Cyber Crime Task Force, co-ordinated Whitehall’s defence, security, and transport technology strategy requirements, forming the Cyber Security Knowledge Transfer Network and planning the initial Innovation Platforms in Network Security and Telematics, alongside plans for a number of Defence related versions. Current research interests include security and privacy concerns in authentication and Identity Management, such as for payments and online access control, and he is a frequent speaker on future threats and safeguards against such vulnerabilities. Andrew, with CBRNE Ltd is focusing on strengthening awareness amongst employees on the human behaviour and human factor elements that could protect their organisations from vulnerability within the cyber arena. In addition to his first degree he holds Masters in Defence & Security Analysis (MA, Lancaster) and Information Security (MSc, Royal Holloway) where his theses, respectively, were on the historic assimilation of new technologies into modern warfare, and the evolution, and impact, of cybercrime.


Pamela Rüstem

Cyber Security

Pamela has over 25 years business experience with multi-national companies covering Telecoms, ICT and the Cyber Security arena. Pamela is responsible for developing alliances to support expansion across all industrial sectors within the Cyber Security arena. Her key focus is business development and cooperation with customers and partners at all levels in areas such as strategy, training and workshops. Her roles have focused on increasing value to businesses, customers and partners and forging new alliances to support ongoing expansion as well as brokering International deals. She has multi-layered International Relationship attributes, persuasive leadership skills and a knowledge of several European languages. She is currently on the Board of the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA UK Chapter), is co-Chair for the Cyber Security group within Government, is Associate Director of CBRNE Ltd (www.cbrneltd.com) and Vice President of Sales and Business Development for Abatis (www.abatis-hdf.com)


Richard Hall

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

Richard is experienced in the defence and aerospace engineering industries having delivered projects for a range of blue-chip companies including: BAE Systems and General Dynamics, from software engineer to Business Director. These projects involved developing, testing and installing complex, safety critical military and civil flight control and sensor systems and the development of a major Air Traffic Management system.


Carolyn Smith


Carolyn has over 35 years experience in the field of design. She worked for some of the UK’s leading architects before establishing her own successful design consultancy. She has been involved in a large number of design projects including an airport terminal, universities, hospitals, exhibitions and multiple corporate refurbishments. Each project demanded a wide range of design disciplines from interior architecture, product design and graphics to signage and symbology. Carolyn also holds a Masters in Fine Art which together with her commercial design expertise provides her with a further valuable perspective on visual communication.


Ali Antonelli

Chartered Psychologist

Ali brings over 25 years of experience in the field of human behaviour and the impact this has on decision making - in particular in understanding the human element in non-compliance and error in judgement. Ali has a wealth of experience working and advising in safety critical environments. Alongside this, she is qualified and highly experienced in the use of psychometrics to aid understanding of both normal and deviant behaviour. Prior experience includes working within the nuclear, rail, police and government security industries. Ali has also designed practical training interventions with real impact on the decision making process. Her mantra is that you can design the best systems and processes, but failing to understand the behaviour of those who operate them will inevitably lead to flaws and vulnerabilities.

Patrick Canastra

Patrick Canastra

Dissemination via Creative Design IT

Patrick as CBRNE Ltd’s graphic designer delivers design solutions with inspirational visual impact. His success derives from his “Needs Analysis” approach to the client’s requirement. As a designer Patrick has worked on products and activities, such as websites, advertising, books, magazines, posters, product packaging, exhibitions and displays, corporate communications and corporate identity. Patrick provides CBRNE Ltd clients with all of the above as well as social media support to ensure clients interact with the latest trend and they have a strong visual profile. These services are provided by CBRNE Ltd’s use of market leading industry software which enables Pat to develop html5, css3, php, Ajax security, JavaScript and jQuery. Patrick’s uses PhP to develop highly secure systems for example on databases relevant for the European Commission security orientated projects undertaken by CBRNE Ltd. All systems are built on a 3 layer security system, database information is secured automatically onto a server from which we use PhP to fetch this information.

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