CBRN Operational Functions

CBRN Operational Functions

CBRN Operational Functions are classified as processes and activities that create the framework to support the phases of a CBRN incident that include: Preparation, Education, Contingency Planning, Recovery and Mitigation.

CBRN hazards include the accidental or deliberate releases of Toxic Industrial Materials (TIMs), Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA), Biological Pathogens and Radioactive Material as well as those hazards which result from the employment of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and those encountered by a National Defence Force during military operations.

CBRNE Ltd provides expert advice, bespoke training tools and techniques for maintaining control and recovering from a CBRN incident. These are provided within a framework of "Operational Functions" with special focus on civilian and industrial requirements

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CBRNE Ltd can provide a systematic audit of the strengths and weaknesses in an organisation’s resilience arrangements. We place values against each process within the multitude of functions that can be found in any organisation, including physical security, partnerships, human performance and inter-departmental cohesion.

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