Counter IED and High-Risk Search

Counter IED and High-Risk Search

The terrorist threat to the United Kingdom and its interests is very high. Over many years terrorist organisations have made use of Improvised Explosive Devices to pursue their goals and the IED threat is a reality with which we must contend for the foreseeable future. In order to counter the IED threat, organisations require an understanding of the likelihood of attack, potential methods of attack and some basic precautions that can be put in place. The public sector and commercial organisations that have significant contact with the general public, such as major retailers and promoters of sporting and leisure events, have a duty to both their customers and staff to warrant all reasonable precautions to ensure their safety have been considered and implemented.

Effective search is an important element in ensuring public safety. Awareness of the level of the threat is fundamental to the planning process and security directors and managers require the understanding and planning tools necessary to implement adequate search. Appropriately trained staff and proper equipment are essential for the safety of the searchers and to provide the necessary levels of assurance that all that can be done to identify a potential attack has been done.

There are many facets to countering the IED threat, including effective search. CBRNE Ltd can provide expert advice and training to address the specific needs of the client, raising staff awareness of the threat and educating security and management teams to understand the complexity of the threat and the basic procedures that help to mitigate it. Support to clients is tailored according to the role, responsibilities and structure of the organisation. The IED threat applies equally to the civil environment and military operations and CBRNE Ltd can support clients working in both fields.

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