Crisis Communication

The CBRNE Ltd communication service offers expertise on developing an appropriate strategy to respond to any crisis. We can help you develop the appropriate messages to communicate with the public, the news media and your stakeholders, and to implement communication within your risk management cycle.

We develop customised public relations and crisis communication training programs and simulations to support a proactive approach instead of just responding to the next fact.

We do our work in a creative and credible way to meet the specific goals for the client.

  • Crisis communication
  • Risk and crisis communication
  • Information management
  • Mass-media relations
  • Social media use
  • Community relations and public empowerment
  • Managing ethics in emergencies
  • Implementing crisis communication simulation during exercises
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    CBRNE Ltd can provide a systematic audit of the strengths and weaknesses in an organisation’s resilience arrangements. We place values against each process within the multitude of functions that can be found in any organisation, including physical security, partnerships, human performance and inter-departmental cohesion.

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